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What makes Engagements
so unique?

Below is the detailed outline of our Engagements. Trust us, you will love them. On second thought, don't trust us. After looking over this outline, go check out some excerpts we've provided for you.  Maybe view them together with your child, and decide for yourself.

Engagements have a very specific purpose. They are not meant to teach a topic completely.  They are designed to counter and combat false claims that are being advanced in our society and in our children's classrooms.


They are written to fit right into a child's in-school instruction, like an add-on, continuously countering and combatting the false narratives and damaging ideologies found in that course as they occur. ​

But they are not just for students.  Even if you received a top-of-the-line education as a child, our Engagements go over and above any classroom instruction, in both scope and depth.  They get down to the very core of a topic through primary documents and careful analysis of evidence.  


This makes Engagements perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the issues and ideologies being pushed in our society, and how to push back against them.  That's the part we are all trying to do.  That's why you're here.  

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Engagement Outline

Claim: The U.S. Stole Texas From Mexico

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Every Engagement has the exact same format, and Engagements include all the documents used in that lesson. In the example below, we have provided all the documents used in this Engagement, and the lessons will preview the first 90 seconds.  However, if you want to get a better idea of the kind of instruction in our Engagements, please visit our Sample page for much longer excerpts.  Then, subscribe to get access to full Engagements all year long.  

This is a very important part of getting the most out of an Engagement. It describes the purpose and philosophy behind Engagements, as well as suggestions for various ways that you can use them in your home.

Part 1: Introduction

The Introduction describes why this claim needs to be addressed.  It describes why letting it go unchallenged is destructive and dangerous to our society.  And finally, we discuss what the people who advance the claim really mean when they promote it.  We have to know how it is being used, before we can effectively respond to it.  

Part 2: The Hook

In education, a hook is a way of introducing a topic that grabs the student's attention, activates prior knowledge, and lays the foundation for the lesson. It is known more formally as an  "anticipatory set".  

Part 3: Historical Context & Timeline

It is very important that the learner know the context of the information they are studying.  What is the current situation at the time of the event? Who are the relevant players? What significant events led up to it?  The learner needs to know how the topic fits into the larger story.  This is essential for them being able to apply it to other unconnected situations. Knowledge without application is wasted. 

Part 4: Did You Know?

This is the evidence portion of an Engagement.  We don't just drop it and run.  We show how to analyze and evaluate evidence.  We read through documents together, often parsing it line by line. And we model the skills needed to understand and properly utilize evidence.  

Part 5: The Big Picture

Here is where we discuss what conclusions we can draw from the evidence presented in the Engagement.  We consider evidence to be like puzzle pieces.  Alone, you can only see a small portion of what those pieces are meant to show you, and that is easily misinterpreted. But when properly put together, they reveal the full picture.  We like to call that picture..."truth".  

Don't overlook this final piece. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from all other at-home instructional providers. It contains discussion questions, detailed explanations of the kinds of responses you should expect to hear, additional historical context, and ways to use these conversations to advance the values and principles that will enable your child to thrive in their society.  

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