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Spirit of Resistance
Course Sample

Below is a complete Spirit of Resistance Engagement.  Trust us, you're going to love it.  On second thought, don't trust us.  Complete this sample, maybe do it together with your child, and decide for yourself.


If you like this sample, wait until you see the full list of claims we will be dismantling in the course you get with your Spirit of Resistance subscription.  

Engagements have a very specific purpose. They are not meant to teach topics completely. They are designed to supplement a public or private school course, like an add-on. If your child is currently in the same course at their school, our Engagements will parallel your child's in-class instruction as closely as possible, continuously countering and combatting the false narratives and damaging ideologies found in that course as they occur, while also advancing the values and principles that are the foundation of our country and which hold our social fabric together.

Engagements are also designed to bring you and your child together over the teaching and discussion of these values and principles. Not only are parents the best people suited for this job, but when parents and their children bond over a set of principles that acts as a bulwark against other indoctrination the child may face when away from the parent.  That's why every Engagement comes with its own Discussion Guide to use with your child after the Engagement.  It's very special.  You should check it out.  It is the final piece of this sample, at the bottom of the page.   

Our children ARE being manipulated.  Not just by their teachers, but by the news, social media, television, etc. What we are saying is...assume it is happening, and be proactive about fighting back.  These Engagements will help you and your children to be able to respond swiftly and directly to radical indoctrination, and stop it in its tracks.  That is our commitment. 

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U.S. History Engagement Sample

Claim: The U.S. Stole Texas From Mexico

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This is a very important part of getting the most out of an Engagement. It describes the purpose and philosophy behind Engagements, as well as suggestions for various ways that you can use them in your home.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Hook

Part 5: The Big Picture

Don't overlook this final piece. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from all other at-home instructional providers. It contains discussion questions, detailed explanations of the kinds of responses you should expect to hear, additional historical context, and ways to use these conversations to advance the values and principles that will enable your child to thrive in their society.  

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