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Education Has Lost Its Way

We feel that in many ways education has lost its way. There is a longer story to be told about how that occurred, but for our purposes let us just focus on what education has become. Education has forgotten America’s core. It has forgotten, or intentionally deserted, the foundations our nation was built upon. There are many significant reasons why that matters, but one of the main reasons is:

when you stop teaching your country’s foundations, you effectively no longer have a country.

It may exist as a place with boundaries, but it will no longer exist as a place with a character and a soul.

The good news is…THIS CAN BE CORRECTED. The American ship can be righted. There is a corrective for reviving our national character and soul. It is to re-inculcate in our children the foundations upon which our national character and soul were formed in the first place:

American Founding Principles
Judeo-Christian Values
Western Thought

These are the three pillars from which we have derived the shared values and principles that once bound us together as a people; the shared values and principles which we hold in common. Or, at least we used to. They must be restored.


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