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Spirit of Resistance
Course Details

Our inaugural course, and the one you will receive with your Spirit of Resistance subscription, is U.S. History. This course can be used at home with children in grades 7-12. We are developing a full slate of 7-12 courses, but we decided to begin with U.S. History because it is easy to see that the history of the United States is under attack in all aspects of our society. It is the most corrupted, polluted, and perverted of any discipline, and it is most in need of our collective attention.

If we are to preserve and advance our Republic, it is imperative that our schools not mock and malign our history, not tear down our foundational principles, and not leave our children adrift in a country they do not understand and have no sense of belonging in. Teaching the "truth" about American history also means teaching about its greatness, and our greatness as a people.

Every Spirit of Resistance course contains 20 separate Engagements spread throughout the school year.  Each Engagement critically addresses a particular false claim being advanced in schools and in our society more broadly.  Click this link to see the full list of all 20 Engagements in this course.  There is also a complete sample of one of these Engagements for you to test drive.  Check it out.  You won't be sorry. 

This course can be used in your home in any way that best fits your child's needs and your schedule.  Please see the "How To" Guide for help and suggestions.  It's the best place to start. 

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