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Our Story

It becomes clearer every day that America is at a crossroads. If I’m being honest, here at The True Corrective, we would go so far as to say that our nation is in a state of crisis.  There is an increasingly large number of citizens who question the very value and worth of their country. Many Americans today couldn’t even tell you what it means to be American. You and I may be able to, but tens of millions of kids coming out of the public school system every year cannot. They are being dumped into a country they do not understand, do not respect, and have no ability to thrive in.  

Many Americans today couldn’t even tell you what it means to be American

Without exception, all societies, across all cultures and time periods, have had a set of shared values and principles that the people of those societies hold in common.  This is true not only for nations, but it applies to every time human beings gather into a group: every school, every organization and club, your place of work, your family, your church, your friend group, and even your Thursday night book club.  All of these have their own common set of values and principles, whether spoken or unspoken, that binds its members together, informs their roles and duties, and provides a sense of belonging and attachment.

Shared values provide a sense of belonging

In the United States we have a set of these, a pretty great set.  Arguably the greatest set that human beings have come up with so far, carefully crafted from our Founding principles, the Western tradition, and Judeo-Christian values. They make us who we are, and they must be restored.    

We started The True Corrective because we believe this is the defining battle of our time.  And parents are on the front line.  We have given the education system extraordinary power over the molding of our children.  


It's time to take it back. 

Patrick Garrison

Patrick Garrison, president

The True Corrective

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