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Our Team

The True Corrective has a strong core team of passionate educators and parents who understand the size and scope of the problems our nation is facing in education.  As we develop our program, we are always ready to welcome people with the same dedication to children and to the values and principles which provide the glue for our society.  If you would like to be involved and to lend your own talents, expertise and passion to this cause, please contact us.  We are eager to hear from you.  

Executive Board

Patrick Garrison

President & Founder

Patrick has been a small business owner, filmmaker, advertising copywriter, and educator. Today he is a proud grandfather and teaches high school in New York state where he witnesses first-hand the devastating effects on adolescents of an education lacking in the Three Pillars.  The events of the last 5 years pushed him further and further to the margins of his profession. It became clear to him that it was no longer enough just to resist within his own classroom.  

Spencer v1.jpg

Spencer Garrison

Vice President

Spencer is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with experience working in private schools for individuals with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, as well as supervising Applied Behavior Analysis services for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Spencer’s extensive understanding of how even small changes in teaching methodologies can have a profound impact on learning makes him an integral part of our mission.  As a proud husband and father, Spencer is dedicated to creating the best possible future for his children to inherit.

Don v3.jpg

Don Materniak

Vice President

Don was an Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at Franciscan University in Ohio for 34 years, until his recent retirement.  For 13 of those years he served as chair of the department of Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.  Don’s experience ranges outside of academia as well, having worked in large public accounting and preparing corporate profit plans for a fortune 500 corporation.  

Advisory Board

Amy v1.jpg

Amy Fontecchio

Homeschool Advisor

Amy has 17 years of experience and counting in homeschooling, having homeschooled all of her six children, currently ages 7 to 20.  Driven by her passion to help parents who seek to educate their children in the true, the good, and the beautiful, she also leads a homeschooling co-op in Pennsylvania and works in various online homeschool communities. Amy and her husband, Mike, live outside Philadelphia with their six children. 

Alex v1.jpg

Alex Ruhling

Business Advisor

As a consultant and analyst for Cypress Intl., Alex researches and communicates US Department of Defense (DOD) budgets, priorities, and client requirements to inform strategic business decisions.  His BA in Music and MS in Business Analysis are both from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. His work for us combines his passion for education in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty with his understanding of business processes, development strategies, and internal operations. Alex lives in Virginia with his wife, Courtney, and their three children.

Mike v1.jpg

Michael Rossi

Marketing Advisor

Mike, along with his wife Karen of 34 years, are co-owners of a successful family-run business in Millbrook NY started in 1962, where he makes heavy use of his sales and marketing degree. Mike is a passionate supporter of Catholic education, working hard to have both of his children educated K-12 in Catholic schools.  Today, one of those children is an Electrical Engineer, the other a Fulbright scholar.   

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