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Our Curricula

The True Corrective will be offering two distinct curricular pathways, to ensure all parents have the opportunity to give their child an education that instills our nation's common set of shared values, and celebrates and advances the Three Pillars: 

American Founding Principles

Judeo-Christian Values

Western Thought

Our Two Curricular Pathways

For Everyone

Our Spirit of Resistance curricula contain a unique, one-of-its kind approach to give parents a way to swiftly & directly combat the deficiencies in their child’s in-school education.

For Homeschool

Our Fire & Thunder curricula contain full-credit courses for homeschool families, grounded in the Three Pillars and designed to empower parents as teachers.

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.”   


~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20 1787

The Gonzales flag, from the first battle in the Texas War for Independence.  

                            “Spirit of Resistance”                            

The Spirit of Resistance curriculum empowers public and private school parents with the tools to fight back.  The Spirit of Resistance curriculum comes with a subscription to the Spirit of Resistance program, which you can find out more about here.



We are teachers.  We know which facts are being twisted.  We know which false narratives are being pushed.  We know how your child's understanding of the world is being manipulated in their classroom.  For example, if your child is in a U.S. History class, he is most likely learning that America "stole" Texas from Mexico.  This is almost a certainty, anywhere in the country.  Whether those exact words are said in class doesn't matter. It is the conclusion your child is expected to reach.  How would a parent even find out this is happening?  And, if they did, where would they go to combat this wildly simplistic and ignorant reading of history?

A Spirit of Resistance curriculum is not an additional set of coursework and assignments for students to do at home.  Instead, it is a set of highly targeted material we call "Engagements" spread throughout the school year. These Engagements (like the one mentioned above) are geared specifically toward a primary source-based presentation of the topics and concepts that we know are most often being taught incompletely, misleadingly, or outright falsely in schools.  

Spirit of Resistance curricula emulate the schedule and sequence of standard Social Studies courses, so they are easy to use right alongside the child’s current course.  This gives parents the ability to correct poor instruction swiftly and directly, while also injecting a hefty dose of the Three Pillars and our national shared values and principles.   

We currently have one Spirit of Resistance course available, U.S. History for grades 7-12.  This course is included in your Spirit of Resistance program subscription of just $5 a month.  A full slate of Social Studies courses for grades 7-12 are being written and will be added as they are completed.  You may become a free site member by clicking here.  This will put you on our email list and you will be notified of our progress.

You can check out excerpts of Engagements from our U.S. History course on the Course Sample page.  Believe me, you will be happy you did. You can also learn more about these courses on the Course Details page. 


Or, if you want to see what a full Engagement is all about, click the button below to subscribe to the Spirit of Resistance program.  It's only $5 a month, and you get access to everything right away.   It's a very small risk, for a very large potential benefit.  

                              “Fire & Thunder”                               

Fire & Thunder curricula are not supplemental or partial in any way. They are full-credit, year-long courses for homeschool families, or any family which feels their child needs stronger instruction to augment an in-school course. Perhaps your child has been struggling at school, their in-class instruction is poor, have been absent for health reasons, or are just eager to learn on a deeper level than what is being offered to them in school.  A Fire & Thunder curricula will fill those voids.  And, of course, as with all True Corrective curricula, they are built on the active advancement of the Three Pillars and the celebration of our national values and principles.

Fire & Thunder curricula are the obvious choice for parents who want to provide their children with superior instruction as part of a Classical Education in the social sciences. 

Fire & Thunder lessons are built for parents, not for academic elites. They are designed for parents to be able to confidently and effectively teach the more challenging content found in 7-12 Social Studies courses, regardless of the parent's own level of expertise or educational background.

The overwhelming majority of at-home instructional providers have moved to a “parentless” model, where the student follows self-guided lessons, absent of any parental guidance or involvement.  We do not subscribe to this philosophy of educating adolescents, especially in Social Studies courses (history, economics, civics, psychology, and government). Although the destruction of our shared values and principles is happening across all curricular disciplines, Social Studies courses are unique.  More than any others, these courses are the most influential in the development of our children’s understandings of the world and of each other.  It is where students engage with very serious concepts, and wrestle with a wide array of principles.  And there is no one more important to be involved in those conversations than parents.  

We are hard at work on our Fire & Thunder courses.  When they are fully completed, they are going to turn the at-home instruction industry on its head.  If you want to see what this instruction will look like (and I know you do) you can find a substantial sample here.  We think you'll agree, it is superior to anything else being offered for at-home usage.  It is also superior to any in-school instruction your child is getting, but that goes without saying.

Click here to become a free site member so you can be notified of our progress.  

“It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder.”


                                      ~ Frederick Douglass, July 5 1852


Moses - Michelangelo, crica. 1514

Fire & Thunder

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