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Fire & Thunder Sample

Below you will find the full year curriculum for our Fire & Thunder U.S. History course, as well as all the lessons in the first 3 modules of Unit 1.  This course is designed for students in grades 10-12, to be taught by parents at home. Like all Fire & Thunder courses, it is heavy on primary source readings and analyzation. 

You will notice immediately that our lessons are written in plain everyday language, often speaking directly to the student. A top priority of the True Corrective is to put the power of teaching their children squarely in the hands of parents.  Parents must play the largest role in instilling our national values in their children, and to do that parents need to have access to Social Studies curricula that doesn't require a degree in history to teach to their older children.  Therefore, we do not use a lot of academic gobbledygook and jargon.  Our lessons are made for parents, not for academic elites.  This doesn't mean our courses are easy.  They are just easy to teach.


Try it yourself. Pick any lesson. Read it over once. Could you teach it to your child?  We are confident you could.      

Curricula and Lessons

This sample contains the first half of Unit I: Colonial America.  Each unit is broken up into modules, with the first designed to give students the proper foundation to begin their study of U.S. history..  Each module is then further broken up into individual lessons.  As you examine this sample, you will notice how our lessons build on one another, to scaffold concepts and skills gradually.  Pay particular attention to the inquiry process that guides the content.   

Fundamental to empowering parents as teachers is giving them a way to personally assess their child's learning.  This requires making parents an integral part of the review and discussion process of the material.  Without the power to personally assess their child's understandings, parents have no way of knowing what is actually being instilled in their child.  After all, every parent knows adolescents have an uncanny ability to misunderstand things the first time they hear them.  

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