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A nation that denigrates its foundations contributes to its own collapse. 


At The True Corrective, we aim to build the next generation of citizens who are capable of unifying around our nation’s common set of shared values and principles.

We are committed to helping parents provide their children with the education they need and deserve, but are being denied.  Every child deserves...

  • an education that cultivates an ability to uncover, discern, and interpret information, so they may be prepared for the increasingly difficult task of determining truth in a world of misleading or oftentimes intentionally deceptive information;


  • an education that gives them the foundations to foster a lifelong discovery of the true, the good, and the beautiful;

  • an education that teaches them how to keep themselves free.

Our Mission

Providing every child with the "education they need and deserve" will require giving parents more influence and control over their children's education, and ensuring that all children have access to high-quality instruction that actively celebrates and advances the values and principles that are derived from the Three Pillars below and form the foundation of our society.    


This is what our nation needs now.  Before the 56 million children currently in the education system become the next lost and disconnected generation who is not equipped to sustain their Republic.

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