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The 6 Components
of a Complete Education

We believe it is time to reimagine our approach to education in America. 


If we are to accept the premise that the education system is not upholding the foundations and values that can unify and preserve our society, and prepare our children to thrive in it, then the solution is going to have to match the size and severity of the problem. 

For this reason, the True Corrective’s approach is designed to address the problem from multiple angles.

Our educational program is comprised of six individual components, that together form a complete education.  These six components provide the structural core of The True Corrective. 

Some of these components are still in the process of being implemented, while others will only become available when our homeschool curriculum, Fire & Thunder, is released.    

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Knowledge that cannot

be applied to new

situations is wasted

A Brief Description of The 6 Components

 Instruction:  offer a superior education that is primary source-based, question-driven, student-focused, and skill-directed.

 Fellowship:  provide scholarships to assist parents in providing their children with the education they need and deserve, but are being denied.

 Engagement:  compliment students' regular studies through the use of online content and interactions to keep students immersed year-round in learning and critical thinking.

 Collaboration:  create a nationwide community of learners by building multiple methods of student interaction and cooperation directly into the curricula.

 Application:  provide students with authentic opportunities to express how the lessons of the past apply to the world around them and to their everyday lives.

 Partnership:  enhance student learning and parental support through a network of distinguished organizations and individuals who support the advancement of the Three Pillars.

Education is more than just WHAT is being taught. Equally important is HOW we teach it.  This applies even more so to the restoration of our shared values and principles. It is not enough anymore to simply be a teacher who supports them, or who does not actively tear them down in their classroom. We are way past the point where that is going to be enough.  To restore our shared values and principles in our society they must be taught, instilled, and celebrated in the nation's schools with intention and purpose.  

It will take more than just a strong curriculum to create the next generation of citizens who will uphold, protect, and advance the values and principles of the United States, Western civilization, and Judeo-Christian values. 

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.”

~ Ronald Reagan (attributed)

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