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Course & Curricular FAQ

Below is a FAQ explaining everything parents might want to know about the Spirit of Resistance curricula.  The Spirit of Resistance curriculum is unique in the education industry. Therefore, its purpose and format may be unfamiliar to you.  This FAQ will help. 

  • What if my child's teacher already believes in advancing our shared values and principles?
    My first response would be, "That's awesome. Consider yourself very lucky." However, I would caution you to ask yourself, "Am I sure? How do I really know?". It is a safer bet not to take the chance, for a couple reasons: 1. Maybe your child's teacher is not advancing false narratives and damaging ideologies in the classroom. Again, I don't think it's possible to know that for sure, but let's say that it's true. The problem is, that is not enough anymore. It is not enough that a teacher simply does not actively tear down our shared values and principles. Our shared values and principles have been under assault for so long, and are constantly under assault from so many places in our society, that mere support for them is not enough. That is not going to turn this ship around. That is not going to be enough to ensure they are instilled in your child, that they understand their roles and responsibilities in their society, and that they are able to grow up as citizens who are capable of preserving their freedom. To make sure that happens, our shared values and principles must be actively and explicitly taught to our children. Unfortunately, our society is not in a place where those values and principles just need to be preserved. We are in a situation where they have to be restored, revived, and renewed. That will only happen if they are taught with intention and purpose in our schools. 2. Even the greatest teacher, with the best of intentions and the strongest defender of our shared values and principles does not always have the class time to advance them in the way they need to be advanced. I am a high school teacher myself. Teachers are already struggling to meet massive content demands, and to prepare students for state tests. They cannot always devote extra time to our shared values, and to dismantling the lies and manipulations our society is throwing at our children every day from all sides. They certainly can't do it to the extent that it needs be done. 3. And finally, your child needs YOU to do it, not their teacher. You are their first and most essential teacher. You know them best. You love them the most. You are the one best suited to instill values and principles in them. You know what they need, and you know how to support them. We want to help you do it. That's why the Spirit of Resistance program exists.
  • What role do I play, as the parent, in these Engagements?
    As with everything, your role as the parent is critical. The most important part of any Engagement for your child is talking it over with you. We cannot stress this strongly enough. Parents should have the largest role in instilling our nation's shared values and principles in their children. Not teachers, friends, celebrities, or strangers on TikTok. The most important role you play in your child’s education is discussing those challenging themes and concepts that your child is exposed to in their education, making sure you are involved in the discussions and debates that will form your child’s attitudes and beliefs. This is a parent’s great unequaled role in education. Our children are having these discussions, with or without us. They are having them with their teachers, their friends, and with strangers online. There is no one more important in these discussions than YOU. As a parent… you know your child best. you know how your child’s individual personality may be influencing their understanding. you know the values and principles you want them to foster and deepen with their education. you know the experiences they’ve had that may affect their relationship with certain concepts and ideas. only you will know if their studies are leading them astray from what you have worked so hard to instill at home. To help facilitate these discussions, every Spirit of Resistance Engagement comes with a Discussion Guide for parents. This guide is designed to help you have productive discussions with your child about the material in the Engagement. It provides questions to ask your child to be sure they have gotten out of the Engagement what they should. It provides the type of responses you should expect to hear (in case you were not able to review the Engagement yourself). It shows you how to address common misunderstandings, suggests ways to further reinforce the values and principles presented in the Engagement, and gives you ideas for how to connect them to your own life. This Guide helps you to have these discussion whenever you want: at the dinner table, in the car on the way to school, on the way home from soccer practice, etc. Whatever is best for you. You can check out a Discussion Guide at the end of the Course Sample.
  • What if my child is not in a U.S. History course this year?
    This program is absolutely essential if your child is currently in a U.S. History course at a public or private school. But even if they are not...every child will benefit from learning more about the values and principles that form our social fabric, from digging deeper into the universal truths contained in the American story, and from immersing themselves in a side of our history that they would never learn in school. There is no wrong time for a child to be learning those things. There is no wrong time for them to learn why their Republic needs to be preserved and how to keep themselves free. That includes you too, mom and dad. You will also learn things your teachers never taught you, strengthen your own already deeply held beliefs, and learn how to better defend them from ignorant people who want to tear them down. Don't take my word for it. Do the sample Engagement. That will give you just a small taste of what the entire course will be like.
  • How will my child benefit from a Spirit of Resistance course?
    There are way too many to list, so here are just the top 15 in no particular order. Your child will learn how to differentiate facts from manipulation, evidence from opinion. Your child will learn to carefully evaluate evidence, understanding that not all evidence carries the same weight in helping get to the truth. Your child will learn how to incorporate opposing viewpoints into their analysis of events, and how to uncover the truth that lies between them. Your child will learn to embrace contradiction, realizing that contradiction often leads to deeper understanding. Your child will discover how someone who seeks to assert influence over them can twist a set of facts into almost any narrative that person want them to believe, and learn how to recognize when that is happening. Your child will develop a greater appreciation for the foundational beliefs our nation was built upon. Your child will be challenged to see multiple sides of an issue, instead of simply the easy one, or the one they have been told to accept. Teachers will model how to collect evidence, judge it, and draw reasonable conclusions based on careful analysis. and your child will practice it. Your child will learn material they would never be taught in school, gaining new perspectives, and being able to construct a more complete picture of events and individuals. Your child will see examples of how the Three Pillars have positively influenced the development of humankind, and will practice observing the Pillars at work in their own lives and communities. Your child will learn how to extract lessons from history that they can use to enhance their own lives and the lives of others. Your child will practice making connections across different events and time periods. Your child will learn the power of relying on primary documents (original source material) in their search for truth. Your child will learn how all events exist in a broader context, that nothing ever happens in a vacuum, and that understanding context is critical to understanding the event itself. Your child will learn how not to become dependent upon misinformed or dishonest people for information. Don't take our word for it. We're biased. We think all the instruction we've written is fantastic. Check out the sample. Decide for yourself if a Spirit of Resistance course is right for you and your child. And even if you are still not sure after reviewing the sample...the risk is minimal. If at any time you decide you and your child are not benefitting enough to make that $5 each month worth, then just stop paying.
  • Why did you develop the Spirit of Resistance curricula?
    The answer to that question rests in the name. We call it Spirit of Resistance for a reason. It comes from the following Thomas Jefferson quote: “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.” The Founders understood that tyranny is a more natural state than freedom. Rulers will always move toward tyranny if not restrained by the people. In the social contract, we allow the government to have certain power over us. In return, the government agrees to serve the will of the people. The education system is an arm of the government. Everyone involved in education is part of that power which we give to government. The school administration, your child’s teachers, the principal, school board members, your state representatives…all of these people are bound by the social contract. And every one of them needs to know that you and I (We, the People) are going to hold them to account if they break that contract. Jefferson’s quote is not describing the “right” to resist, or the “power” to. He is talking about the willingness, the spirit, to resist. The people we give authority and power to need to have a healthy fear that we are going to stand up to them if they are not serving the will of the people. The True Corrective’s entire raison d’etre (reason for being) is to help parents say to those who wield so much power over our children’s lives, “We are watching. And if we don’t like what we see, we are going to take some of your power over our children back.” That’s all. It’s really no more complicated than that. Our greatest achievement would be if we got to a place where every child in America had the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, where children’s needs were made the highest priority, where they were taught the shared values and principles which enable them to thrive in and advance their society. Then, as a result, The True Corrective would have to close its doors because our services were no longer needed. That would be a great day. Until then, we will resist.
  • My child already has more school work than she knows what to do with. Is this going to give her even more?
    Short answer, "No". There are 20 Engagements in every Spirit of Resistance course. Although each Engagement has no actual assignments, they do require a time investment. The student will obviously need to watch the videos. However, they can do that anytime or anywhere. They can even do it over the course of a few days if they have to, after they have finished all their in-class schoolwork. In their free time they are often watching videos on their phone anyway (usually of people dancing, or cats for some strange reason). We also provide a slew of primary source material as evidentiary support for the information in an Engagement. These sources are available for the student to take advantage of if they want, but they do not need to read all of them to get the full impact of the Engagement. The sources are there to show the student (and parent) where we got our information from and to help the student learn how to use evidence to arrive at conclusions. We believe strongly that students need to learn how truths were arrived at, instead of simply being told that something is a "truth". Consider the Parable of the Sower. In this example, truth is the seed. The student is the soil. A student who is simply TOLD what is true will not retain that truth throughout their lives because it has fallen on poor soil and does not take root. A truth must be firmly anchored. If it is not, it can be easily lost. This, of course, applies whether we are talking about a divine truth or an historical truth.
  • Why do you call them “Engagements”? Why not just call them lessons like everybody else?
    Sure, we could call them “lessons”. But we wanted to differentiate them from the normal lessons we are all familiar with. We are using the word “engagement” as in the following definition: noun. - a meeting of opposing forces in the course of a war - synonyms: fight, battle, clash, struggle You're initial response may be, “But, Mr. G, I am not trying to go to war with my child’s school or teachers.” Make no mistake about it, if your child is not getting the education they need and deserve, then you are already in one. The education your child receives will directly impact the life they live, and that is worth whatever fight is necessary. I suspect you already know that. That’s why you are here. However, at The True Corrective, we know that's not always easy. We know parents do not always have the time or the training to counteract a substandard education, or to effectively combat an education that contradicts the values they teach at home. But the war for our children’s hearts and minds continues apace, whether we are engaging in it or not. The Spirit of Resistance is designed to empower you to be engaged, and arm you for the fight. Many of you are already deep in the trenches. Parents are courageously challenging curricula and textbooks, demanding answers from their school boards, and lobbying for legislation. Those are all essential fronts in this battle. Spirit of Resistance courses are helping parents to engage on another front. A more direct one, if we may be so bold. We are providing them a way to affect what their children are learning right now, to challenge the education they are getting in their classroom today.
  • What is the format of an Engagement?
    Spirit of Resistance Engagements are all structured exactly the same. You should familiarize yourself with this format. Your child will have it memorized after the first few. 1. Topic 2. Claim 3. Intro 4. Hook 5. Timeline (not all lessons will require a timeline) 6. Historical Context 7. Did You Know? (evidence) 8. The Big Picture (conclusion) In these Engagements, you will often hear us referring to puzzle pieces. Evidence/facts are like pieces to a puzzle. They only go together one way to form a complete picture, what we call “truth”. However, like facts, you could (if you were a dishonest person) jam those puzzle pieces together in any way you want, forcing them into a distorted misrepresentation of the truth. We have all seen people who do this. They are in the news media, in government, and yes, sometimes in classrooms. Every Engagement is designed to disassemble these "puzzles of false truth" and help the student put the pieces into their proper places, creating an honest and accurate picture.
  • What exactly am I resisting?
    Well, that’s different for everybody. Maybe you are resisting false narratives or damaging ideologies. Maybe it’s simply poor-quality instruction that you are resisting. These curricula are designed to help you and your child push back against whatever is going on in their classroom that you feel needs to be resisted against. Here are a few reasons that parents have given us for why they supplement their child’s in-school course with the Spirit of Resistance. The in-school course does not contain sufficient detail. The in-school course is not challenging enough. The instruction is sub-par. All they do is watch videos, or copy notes off of PowerPoint slides. The instruction is one-sided and biased. My child is struggling in the course and is not getting the help he needs. My child is very interested in the content and wants to learn more. The content/instruction is anti-American, anti-Western, or anti-Christian. The teacher/course promotes values and ideologies that contradict what I teach at home. They don’t use enough primary sources. It is mostly someone else's opinion of what my child should think about the material. The instruction is focused on learning facts and not enough about understanding. The Spirit of Resistance provides us with information that the school would never teach. The Spirit of Resistance shows students how to weigh evidence and arrive at conclusions on their own, which is an important skill they will need for their entire lives. Everyone has their own reason. Parents choose the Spirit of Resistance curricula because there is something lacking in their child’s in-school instruction. Something lacking in either “How” they are being taught, or “What” they are being taught. What’s your reason?
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