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Our Shared
Values & Principles

What is all this talk about shared values and principles? And who decides what values and principles get advanced? 

When we talk about our "shared values and principles" we are not talking about some vague set of amorphous values that can be subjectively defined on an individual basis.  There is a set of values and principles that we share as Americans, that are unique to us, which we hold in common, that made us who we are and bind us together. They are real. They exist. They can be studied, enumerated, and taught.

If you click here, a pop up box will open with an example of just a few of them.  A much longer list could be made, but this will give you some idea of what we are talking about. 

The short 40 second video below will explain this concept in a little more detail.

Every society derives their shared values and principles from different places.  We get ours primarily from what we refer to as the Three Pillars.  Those are:

the American Founding

Judeo-Christian values

and Western thought


The importance of preserving these Pillars, and the values and principles they gave us, cannot be overstated. The fundamental purpose of an education system (ANY education system in ANY society) is to instill in its citizens those things that make them who they are, that tether them to each other and to their community, so that each successive generation can preserve and advance them, therefore preserving and advancing that society.

Let's continue with the video.

Our education system is failing to fulfill its most fundamental purpose, to instill our common set of shared values and principles in the nation’s children. Worse yet, students often come out of the education system outright rejecting and despising these values.  It is not simply that schools are not advancing them. That is bad enough. But too often we find that schools are actively and intentionally tearing them down.


This does great damage to our children, stripping them of an understanding of their roles and responsibilities in society. We are left with generations of citizens who are unable to sustain their Republic, or even to know why they should.  They are disconnected from their community and from each other, and therefore have no stake in their country.   

Please take a moment to listen to the two clips below of our founder, Patrick Garrison, speaking on this subject with the Parental Rights Foundation and The Conservative Classroom.

Conservative Classroom Clip
00:00 / 04:37

"A society that does not protect its children, is a society not worth saving."

Excerpt from an interview with The Conservative Classroom

"Our shared values and principles must be restored"

Excerpt from an interview with the Parental Rights Foundation

Parental Rights Foundation Clip
00:00 / 01:40
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