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Our Educational Program

Our kids deserve better.

They deserve better than to be used as pawns in someone's political agenda.   

They deserve better than a system that views parents as obstacles to the elite expertise of a state approved actor. 

They deserve better than hours of mind-numbing videos and slideshows offering up meaningless, unapplicable facts.

That is not to say that all schools are like this, but the data is clear: American children are not learning.  And what they are learning is often destructive to the values and principles they need to thrive in and advance their society. 


As the movement grows to transfer power and authority over children's education back to parents, we must be ready. We must be ready to provide parents with something better. We cannot stand on the street corners yelling for parents to take back control over their children's education, and then leave them to fend for themselves once they do.


Below is a complete guide to the program we have designed to support parents and their children.  Our instruction is built on the firm foundations of Classical Education.  Students are immersed in a study of primary source material and the great works of Western tradition, preparing them to participate in what Robert M. Hutchins called The Great Conversation.

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A Complete Education

Explore our multi-pronged approach to a better education.

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Our Curricula

Two pathways.  One for homeschool, one for public and private school.

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Our Instruction

Of the highest quality, yet accessible to all parents.

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Our Pricing

Subscription based. Multiple tiers. Extremely affordable.  

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