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Aug 23, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

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This Spirit of Resistance course consists of 20 Engagements spaced throughout the school year. You will also be receiving outstanding additional support content from our partner organizations. Those will be posted right in the course stream, so you will not miss them. This is not a self-paced course that you can tear through as quickly as you want. We are all going to do it together over the course of the school year. Therefore, you will be able to see the release dates and titles of the Engagements in the course stream, but you will not be able to actually do the Engagements until that date arrives. You will be alerted via email every time a new piece of material drops, whether it is an Engagement or partner content.


Spirit of Resistance Subscription, $5.00/month

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True Corrective Parents

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